Open Source Conference 2014 Kansai@Kyoto

On August 1-2, 2014, Open Source Conference 2014 Kansai@Kyoto was held in Kyoto.

This event is the largest OSS community gathers for in Japan. We participate as exhibitor and speaker every year. Yes, Of course as for this year.

Hiroshi Chonan was in charge of the seminar. He talked about trusty and Utopic.

The highlight of the event is as follows:

The NetBSD team displayed Luna work station of OMRON. Luna(= opposed to Sun) is very old UNIX workstation in Japan. However, the newest Twitter client "Mikutter" works in this workstation on NetBSD!

Mikutter is simple, powerful and moeful twitter client. This is very popular among young geek. (We call them "Teokure" in Japan)

This is Takayoshi Okano. He is one of greatest FLOSS translators in Japan. And it is Open Street Map mapper too.

In this way, the Japanese FLOSS community is very active and happy!